Women's Self Defense, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing Missouri & Illinois


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Women's Self Defense, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing Missouri

Womens Self Defense, Womens Martial Arts, Womens Kickboxing, Womens Only Private Self Defense Lessons

Founded by Michael W. Bland, a former St. Louis County Police Officer and Missouri Police Chief and professionally certified Black Belt from Piasa Martial Arts under Master Instructor Sonny Hatten. Zen Combat is the industry standard for Adults or Women needing Private Self Defense Lessons. People trust Mike due to the fact he trained and fought competitively his whole life and unlike most Self Defense Schools we have 26 years  of real world experience in fights for our lives in Law Enforcement, Bouncing, and Apprehending criminal comitting crimes in progress like Car Jackings, Home Invasions, Robberies, High Risk Traffic stops, High Risk Raids, and have provided security for Celebrities like Nelly and other Celebrities. We did not purchase a Firearms Instructor Permit and Martial Arts Certficate like our competitors from a Martial Arts School. When you learn it in a class and on the streets both there is no comparison. 

When Women need Women’s Self Defense, Women’s Martial Arts, Women’s Kick Boxing, and Women’s Only Private Self Defense Classe’s in Missouri and Illinois they trust Zen Combat L.L.C., a St. Louis, Mo based Women’s Self Defense School that specializes in Women’s Only Self Defense Training Classes. Women trust us because we are owned & operated by Law Enforcement Veterans with over 26 years Law Enforcement, Self Defense, and Tactical training which separates us from the competition. We also teach group lessons for friends, family, or employers. We serve the entire State of Missouri & Illinois. For a Free Missouri Women’s Only Self Defense Consultation Please Contact Zen Combat today!

Women's Self Defense, Womens Martial Arts, Womens Kickboxing

Women's Self Defense

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