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Women’s Self-Defense Classes: Custom Tailored Self-Defense for Ladies Only

When women need Women’s Self Defense or Martial Arts classes near them in Missouri or Illinois for private self-defense lessons, rape prevention, women moving away or leaving for college and need women’s basic self-defense training they trust Zen Combat, a black belt certified and tactically trained women’s self-defense academy. Women in St. Louis trust us because our self-defense experts are former law enforcement, and private investigators, and have trained, competed, and fought full contact in martial arts for over 30 years. We teach women how to kidnap, sex trafficking, rape, abduction, robbery, carjacking, and home invasion successfully. When women need empowerment,  confidence, and self-esteem in a world wrought with growing crime, instability, and uncertainty we are the only option. Chief instructor Michael Bland is a multi-time Missouri and Illinois State champion in full contact fighting and has taught, trained, and competed in martial arts since 1981, received a Black Belt in American Tae Kwon Do, retired Police Officer, Military, and Tactical training for the last 30 years. Contact us today for a free women’s self-defense consultation.

Our Women’s Private & Group Self-Defense Classes as an Empowerment Solution in Missouri

Our Women-only personal protection services are unrivaled by any other ladies’ self-defense school. Many self-defense schools, CCW, and police departments teach self-defense or rape prevention for Women and have obtained an instructor certificate, internship, or online certificate after reading about how to become a self-defense instructor and calling themselves an expert and charging premium rates.

This is why women have trusted for over a decade now. They know the second they speak to one of our women’s defensive combat experts during our free consultation that they are now talking to the real deal, not some amateur with a certificate. This is because our defense teachers take pride in sending out confident and empowered women back into the world.

One of the main aspects that make our women-only fighting classes an effective martial arts solution for women and women in their teens is our ability to utilize several basic and advanced women’s self-defense techniques when teaching our classes. We also instruct women in the proper use of women’s self-defense products like mace, pepper spray, key batons, tazer, and many others.

With our proprietary women’s only defensive combat training, we can provide unrivaled levels of confidence. We also work with you to determine the best-suited defense approach to highlight these training options in your private defense lessons. Therefore, your safety and personal well being a woman has a higher percentage of success.

While we use defensive techniques when offering our protection classes, one of the aspects that no other self-defense school offers in Missouri or Illinois but us is our ability to offer background checks or private protection services. The fact we are owned and operated by 30 law enforcement and expert private investigators makes this a force multiplier like no other women’s self-defense school you will find.

Zen Combat’s Unique Personal Safety Solutions for Women in Missouri!

No other Self Defense School has the vast amount of experience, training, wisdom, street smarts, law enforcement training, military training, martial arts training, private investigations training, or private protection experience as us. This is why we are light years ahead of your average karate, self-defense school, or corporate martial arts chain. We have spent ten years formulating a comprehensive defense school for women that will help them not only with women’s defense but also a vast array of women’s personal security solutions:

  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Due Diligence
  • Locates
  • Private Investigations for Women
  • Private Protection for Women
  • Security Consulting for Women
  • Women’s Only Firearms & Tactical Training
  • Women’s Handgun
  • Deadly Force Role Play Scenarios Training
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Threat Assessment for Women Facing Threats
  • Safe House Solutions on a secure site
  • Restraining Order / Ex-Parte Advocacy
  • Anti – Stalking Consulting and mitigation
  • How to hide yourself and your address and other private information from dangerous exes or stalkers off the grid for Women

Learn More About our Missouri Women’s Only Self-Defense Classes

With our women-only self-defense services, we can privately train individuals or provide group classes for recreation centers, gyms, colleges, and employers looking to offer personal protection resources for their female employees. As a leading women’s self-defense school, we bring to the table a powerful command presence for any size self-defense class. We teach individuals, businesses, law enforcement agencies, and military personnel to achieve success through self-defense, tactical, and situational awareness training, and personal protection consulting.

Whether you are a single mom, a victim of domestic violence, or a teen moving away for college needing women’s self-defense classes, our self-defense lessons, and women-only private self-defense lessons can help. We can develop a lady’s only self-defense curriculum that fits your budget and protection needs.

Please contact Zen Combat today to receive a women-only self-defense quote for your ladies’ personal protection requirements. If you are a woman in Missouri or Illinois who is in danger or being abused we are available for emergency consulting, security services, and private protection solutions 24/7, on Holidays, and Weekends. This is the work ethic, training, and knowledge that sets us apart from our competitors. Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to hearing from you! Terms & Conditions apply there are no refunds or guarantees on any investigative services.

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Empowerment through Self-Defense: Zen Combat in Missouri 

At Zen Combat, we believe that every woman deserves to feel empowered, confident, and equipped with the skills to defend herself in any situation. Our comprehensive women’s self-defense program in Missouri goes beyond basic techniques, offering a range of courses designed to instill confidence, promote empowerment, and enhance situational awareness.

Our Women’s Self-Defense Courses 

  1. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Techniques:
    • We provide a progressive learning environment, starting with foundational techniques and gradually advancing to more complex maneuvers. Our goal is to ensure that every woman, regardless of prior experience, can build a solid foundation and grow in her self-defense capabilities.
  2. Sex Trafficking Defense and Prevention:
    • In recognition of the importance of addressing real-world threats, we offer specialized training in sex trafficking defense and prevention. Our instructors draw on their extensive law enforcement and investigative backgrounds to provide practical insights and effective strategies.
  3. Krav Maga and Rape Aggression Defense (RAD):
    • Zen Combat is proud to be the only women’s self-defense academy in the Midwest offering Krav Maga and Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) courses. These programs focus on realistic scenarios, teaching women how to respond both mentally and physically in times of need.
  4. Firearm and Tactical Training:
    • For those interested in firearm and tactical training, our experienced instructors bring 30 years of law enforcement and tactical firearms expertise to the table. We prioritize safety, responsibility, and skill development in every aspect of our firearm training.

Why Choose Zen Combat 

  1. Expert Instructors:
    • Our instructors boast a collective background of 30 years in law enforcement, private investigations, self-defense, and tactical firearms training. This wealth of experience ensures that our students receive top-notch instruction from seasoned professionals.
  2. Comprehensive Approach:
    • Zen Combat takes a holistic approach to women’s self-defense, addressing not only physical techniques but also the mental and situational aspects. We equip our students with the tools they need to navigate real-world threats effectively.
  3. Midwest Coverage:

Join Zen Combat and Embrace Empowerment

Discover the transformative power of self-defense with Zen Combat. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, our women’s self-defense programs are tailored to meet your needs. Empowerment begins with knowledge and preparation – join us on this journey of self-discovery and confidence building.

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