Women's Self Defense Classes


Certified Black Belt Instructors, 25 Year Law Enforcement Veterans, Have Covid Vaccinations, Instructors have Passed Background Checks, Group Classes Available. Free Consultation (314) 737-3166

Womens Self Defense

Women’s Self Defense Classes & Women’s Private Lessons

Women’s Self Defense Classes’s we teach are provided by professionally trained and accredited Black Belts who are Law Enforcement Veterans with 26 years Tactical Training, Firearms, and Martial Arts training, fighting, and competition in Missouri & Illinois State Championship’s. Women who need Women’s Only Self Defense Private Lessons like Defense Techniques for Women, Fitness Training for Women, Domestic Violence Defense Techniques, Rape Prevention, Kidnap Prevention, Women’s Situational Awareness, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jujitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, Boxing, Cardio Kick Boxing, Meditation, Women’s Handgun Classes, Womens Home Defense, Self Defense Ideas for Women, Womens Private Self Defense Lessons, Women’s Carjacking Prevention, Womens Bullying Defense Techniques, Women’s hand to hand combat, Womens Active Shooter Survival, Martial Arts for Women, Karate for Women, Women’s Kick Boxing, Womens Escape & Evasion Techniques, Womens First Aid, Women’s Threat Assessment, Women’s conditioning, Womens Private Martial Arts Classes, Women’s Basic & Advanced Self Defense Maneuevers, Personal Protection Classes, they trust Zen Combat, the #1 rated Women’s Self Defense Academy. We offer group sessions, individual training, and long-term Self Defense Classes for Women. Since Covid are business model has quickly adapted by leaving the class room and teaching convenient Womens Self Defense Lessons in the comfort and safety of your home, out doors, or work place.  

6 Self Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know!

Wrist Grab Reversal Arm Bar

Arm Around Shoulder Reversal

Hair Grab Defense

Choke Hold Defense

Bear Hug From Behind

Ground Defense in Guard Position Elbow Control


Free Women’s Martial Arts Consultation

Our Women’s Only Self Defense Professionals will provide you with a Free 30-minute Professional Self Defense Consultation that will explain our hire process in detail, our experience in handling such matters, and the Defense STL Billing Process, Electronic Contract Agreement, and finally the process of executing the Womens Private Self Defense Classes.

Women’s Only Self Defense Private Lessons 

We teach in has blown away the competition once women take our Personal Protection classes that are customize and catered for the professional busy woman that has minimal time in her day to train and needs to learn the most powerful Women’s Self Defense Basic & Advanced techniques that will increase her survivability in any street encounter. To learn more about our Females Self Defense Private Lessons in St. Louis and to learn how we can develop a customized Lady’s Self Defense Training Curriculum for you, friends, or family members. When Women are in danger and need Personal Protection Services for Women we have you covered.


Womens Defense Client Testimonials

Dana S.

Mike trained my 22-year-old daughter in St. Louis Womens Self Defense and safety awareness. He was extremely professional, and his prices were very reasonable. As a retired police officer, he was very knowledgeable, and did a great job teaching my daughter how to protect and defend herself in the event of an attack. He gave her a lot of advice on how to avoid certain situations she might encounter. She felt completely comfortable working with him. She mentioned after her last meeting with him that she feels much more confident now about moving away to a strange city. I would strongly recommend him.

Free Consultation for St. Louis Women’s Defense Classes!